De Pablos e Hijos apuesta por lo último en tecnología de precisión en producción sin dejar de lado el carácter artesanal y manual de algunos procesos.

Nuestras instalaciones de 2000mts. nos permiten estar al servicio de las grandes firmas nacionales e internacionales de moda y lujo, fabricando para ellas sus grandes y pequeñas colecciones, sin perder la calidad, diseño y exclusividad, como parte de nuestra razón de ser.

Mission, values, commitment.

The environment is yet another aspect that we believe to be a fundamental part of our integrated policy. We see sustainability as a strategic aspect of our organisation.

Not only do we comply with the legal requirements on the environment that are crucial for sustainability (as in the case of waste management); we also perform our activities well under the legally stipulated limits.

We stay up-to-date with the generally applicable legislation and also more specifically with regulations that affect us more directly, such as REACH. In our activities, we make sure to comply with the required content limits for the lead and brass that we use, and with the nickel content of the final coating on our pieces.

Commitment to integrity and compliance

At DE PABLOS E HIJOS ACCESORIOS METÁLICOS, S.L., we believe that doing business with integrity improves our productivity by managing our risks, strengthening our reputation and boosting our competitive advantage. In an environment that is increasingly complex and competitive, we all need to protect the integrity of our company, our team, and our clients by complying with regulatory, legal and corporate standards.

Download the Compliance Statement and Resolution of the Board..

Code of conduct

DE PABLOS E HIJOS ACCESORIOS METÁLICOS, S.L. is committed to retaining the trust and support of its stakeholders: residents, associates, healthcare partners, shareholders and society as a whole. Our Code of Conduct defines the fundamental principles and standards of ethical business behaviour, and it reflects our commitment to good conduct.

Download the DE PABLOS E HIJOS Code of Conduct

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

The companies in the DE PABLOS E HIJOS ACCESORIOS METÁLICOS, S.L. group will not participate in any type of bribery either directly or indirectly. Bribery means offering, promising or furnishing an undue advantage to a public official or an individual with the goal of obtaining or retaining an inappropriate advantage to act or prevent an action with regard to official responsibilities. All activities of this nature are prohibited.

Corporate social responsibility is a key aspect that is taken into account in our organisation’s strategy and in our corporate vision.

Our human resources management encompasses the integrated policy the company has implemented, as do the company’s other processes, thus ensuring social responsibility throughout the company.

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